Service Terms and Conditions

Course Booking and Service Delivery Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions specified below are a complete statement of the legally binding agreement between the parties and supersede all prior discussions, correspondence and representations made prior to the date of booking unless otherwise agreed to and evidenced in writing by both parties and shall apply from such date as the booking is accepted by the Corporation/Company.

Course Delivery

  • Switch Direction’s bespoke courses and development programmers are created  in-line with the information given by the customer. Before delivery consultation will be   required with the Training Course Organiser to ensure that all the relevant information needed has been covered.
  • Switch Direction’s shelf courses and development programmes are maintained  continuously to ensure the most up-to-date information is utilised. Switch Direction reserves the right to  change course/programmes content without prior notice. 
  • The Training  and Delivery course fee includes all learning and course material,  including extra time with internal trainers and coaches (up to 1 day, 6  hours) to develop the programmes for internal business needs. Any further charges after this will be based on the Consultancy Hourly /Daily Rate agreed.
  • All course  delegates will be expected to abide by any site security and health and  safety measures operating at the programmes location.
  • The  availability, content and venue of an on-site programme will be as agreed  with Switch Direction. Relevant resources and facilities will be provided at the client's expense for the programme  as communicated on or before the time of booking.

The client will take all reasonable steps to safeguard the personnel or representatives of Switch Direction when on client premises as well as any property brought on such premises for the purpose of providing the course/programmes.


Copyright and all intellectual property rights for all course materials shall remain the property of Switch Direction. The customer agrees not to reproduce, sell, or hire course materials and not to use such materials except for the purposes of post course reference.

Courses are owned by Switch Direction, and permission to reuse courses and or Development Programmes will be permitted upon agreement from the creator.


Cancellation policy (over 20 days notice)

No charges will apply if any contracted course or courses are rescheduled or cancelled by the client over 20 days prior to the course date(s)

Cancellation policy (between 11 days & up to 20 days notice)

50% of the course will be charged for administration if any contracted course or courses are rescheduled or cancelled by the client between 11 days and less than 20 days prior to course date(s)

Cancellation policy (under 10 days notice)

Based upon the agreed day rate at the time, a 100% charge per course will be levied in the event of any course or courses (including modular programmes) being rescheduled or cancelled by the client any time during the 10 days prior to the course date(s)


  • Switch Direction reserve the right to reschedule/cancel courses and programmes at any time without liability. Should this happen, clients will be offered an alternative date, a credit note or  a full refund.

Invoicing/Credit Period

  • Switch Direction  will afford clients a 30-day credit period with invoices requiring payment  on or within 30 days from the course delivery date.
  • We reserve  the right to charge interest on invoices not settled within our stated  payment terms under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act  1998, as amended by the Late Payment of Commercial Debts Regulations 2002.

The terms and conditions set out herein represent a complete statement of the agreement between the parties and supersede any previous issue.