Self Confidence


This training programme covers all of the vital components to help participants to understand self confidence, but also help people gain focus on outcomes in their lives. By the end participants will:- 

● Understand why and how people loose and rebuild self confidence

● Learn techniques with the use of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

● Have a confidence timeline plan and positive outlook for the future

● Complete an action plan to help them move themselves and newly found confidence forward. 

Programme  Content

● Self Confidence

How do you see yourself?

Focusing on strengths and limitations

● Introducing NLP

The basics of NLP

How NLP can help

● Outcomes and Self Satisfaction

Setting short & long term goals

Reaching an outcome

Confidence timeline

● Your beliefs and values

The structure to your confidence/self esteem

Creating a positive belief


● Listening to your inner voice

Positive and negative internal influences

Positive and negative language

● Introducing Myers Briggs Theories

Knowing yourself

The Johari window exercise

● Putting it all together

What have you learnt

How do you feel

What are your next steps

Relaxation techniques. 

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