Microsoft Word


This one-day training course focuses on giving a good understanding of the functions of Microsoft Word, and can be delivered either on a 1:1 or group basis. By the end of this course, delegates will be able to use the main functions of Microsoft Word

Course Content

The course can be tailored to meet your specific requirements and deal with any issues you may wish to address. To give you an idea of the course content, we could cover the following areas for you.


Review Exercise

Bullets and Numbering

Creating an Outline List

Borders, Lines and Shading

Adding and Removing Borders/Shading

Working with Sections

Creating a New Section

Column Formatting

Headers and Footers

Page Numbering

Proofing Tools

Automatic Spell Checking

Spell Checking Text or whole Documents

Hiding Spelling and Grammar Errors

Using the Thesaurus

Finding and Replacing Text

Productivity Tools

AutoCorrect, AutoText and Auto Formatting

Applying Styles

Creating Envelopes and Labels


Drawing and Creating a Table

Modifying a Table

Merging and Splitting Cells


Inserting Clip Art

Using WordArt

Creating Drawing;

AutoShape Objects

Changing the Properties of Objects


Creating Documents from Templates

Creating and Modifying a Template

Attaching a New Template

Loading Global Templates

Word and the Internet

Creating Hyperlinks

Saving a Word document as a Web Page

Creating a new E-Mail message with Word

Sending documents via E-Mail



Each delegate will receive individual feedback and will be asked to complete a personal action plan to identify key changes to implement and skills to practice.

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