Microsoft Teams


This half-day training introduction to Microsoft Teams will educate users in the basics of using Office 365 and its MS Team app services. By the end delegates will be able to:

● Create and Manage a team’s user base

● Work with Channels, Groups and Chats

● Upload files and collaborate

● Communicate with colleagues via chat, video and meetings

● Use Teams on mobile devices

Course Content

● What is Teams?

● Accessing Teams and the Start Screen

● Creating a Team

Public v Private

Join/Favorite a Team

Adding/Reordering/Leaving Teams

Get link to a team


● Team Management

Adding Members/Owners

Member/Guest Permissions

Profile Management

Team picture

● Creating/Managing/Viewing a Channel

● Channel Connectors

● Favorites/Follow

● Email to Channel

● Get link to a channel

● Adding Tabs

Adding Uploaded Excel File to a Tab

Interacting with Tabbed File

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