Microsoft Outlook


A comprehensive hands-on training course covering all the features of Outlook enabling delegates to understand how to take advantage of all the features in Outlook: manage email, calendar, contacts and tasks.

Course Objectives / Content

Below is an overview of the topics that are covered:-

Composing and sending email

Composing and sending an email message

Working with hyperlinks

Attaching a file to a message

Saving unfinished messages

Receiving email

Receiving and reading email

Replying to and forward a message

Opening an attachment

Printing a message

Deleting a message

Working with email

Understanding items

Using the navigation pane

Viewing the to-do bar

Using the reading and people panes

Flagging a message for follow-up

Using colour categories

Sorting messages

Advanced email features

Recalling a message

Using Out of Office assistant

Inserting a signature

Changing message format

Delaying sending a message

Dealing with junk email

Using the journal and notes

Creating a journal

Working with notes

Working with contacts

Adding a contact

Adding a sender’s email address to the contacts list 

Editing and deleting contacts

Changing contact views

Finding and organising contacts

Using the calendar

Viewing the calendar

Scheduling appointments and events 

Editing and rescheduling appointments and events 

Working with meeting requests 

Setting and publishing free/busy appointment time

Colour-coding calendar items 

Viewing calendars items

Arranging calendar items

Setting reminders

Configuring calendar options

Opening shared calendars

Sharing your calendar

Publishing your calendar on the internet

Working with tasks

Adding a new task

Attaching an item to a task

Assigning a task

Monitoring tasks

Printing a task

Completing a task

Organising and finding information

Exploring the folder list | Creating and Managing folders

Creating Output

Previewing the Presentation in Black and White / Printing a presentation;

Creating and Printing Notes Pages;

Printing Handouts.

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