Delivering Performance Appraisals


Delivering Performance Appraisals often can be a terrific forum for review, development and communication with employees. They give people at work the well deserved time out they need to find out about their performance whilst giving then a chance to air any problems they may have had to face during their working day.

Training Course Content

● A look at the types of appraisals

● Setting your expectations 

● Some effective ways to measure performance 

● Giving effective feedback and building confidence and morale 

● Setting achievable goals and expectations 

● Supporting other people's development 

● Using acknowledgement and praise 

● Dealing with issues as they arise and escalated problems 

● Seeing things from other points of view 

● Dealing with yours and other people's feelings 

● Dealing with difficult or tricky people 

● What to do when the goal posts change


Each delegate will receive individual feedback and will be asked to complete a personal action plan to identify key changes to implement and skills to practice. 

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