Change Management


Change is an inevitable process in today’s business world with some people embracing it and others shying away from it. Managing change within an organisation responsibly can bring huge benefits and to do this it is important that you deal with people's real and imagined fears and concerns relating to the proposed or actual changes at hand.

This one-day Change Management training course explores the things that happen before, during and after change. It offers practical tools to make potentially difficult situations more manageable. 

Course Content

● Understanding of the impact of change

● Supporting and preparing for impending changes

● Managing others through changes in your workplace

● Getting buy-in; dealing with resistance

● Avoiding the 'tyranny of positivity'

● Managing your organisation through difficult changes

● Becoming and or creating 'agents for change'

● Building and maintaining good working relationships

● Getting creative with change

● Gaining increased confidence and motivation


Each delegate will be asked to identify elements that they will implement when they are back at work through group discussion and action plans. 

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