Self Management Program

This Self Management training course is made up with the following sessions:-

Session 1: Personal Brand

A guide to looking at you and how your individual brand is perceived. Why brand is important in the professional and private world. We will look at setting you up with a Johari Window and revisit this later in the week to look at some results.

Session 2: Basics of Communication

Focusing on the basics of communication including:- How communication works Forms of communication Mehbrahaims Communication Pie Communication and Personal Brand Practice at Coherent Communicating (Boomwhackers)

Session 3: Myers Briggs Type Indicator - The Best Fit

A focus on good working relationships and linking to the business culture PM Activity based learning to re-enforce type elements What makes others work: A look at some of your colleagues and clients

Session 4: Learning Styles - Giving out and taking in information (relating back to the S&N preferences)

Brief understanding of learning styles and the different options out there. We will complete questionnaires for the Honey & Mumford and VARK elements. This will help deepen the understanding of how people give out and take in information as well as allow them to understand the different approaches people have to learning and information gathering.

Session 5: Problem Solving Scenarios

The NLP Meta Mirror - The Reframe Based on the scenarios and using the Meta Mirror approach What would you do differently? Why? How? How does this approach fit into the culture of the business Finish up with a look at delegate Johari windows

Session 6: Dealing with difficult situations

Unexpected situations in the office Reaction vs Reflection Vulnerability - It’s OK to get things wrong and ask for help! Wider Perspective Thinking - If I do make this decision; Who will it affect/Impact?; Who needs to know?; Why?

Session 7: Managing Pressure and Frustration

Throwing your toys out of your pram Relating to MBTI and how different types relate to the same pressures Adjusting your type to match the situation in hand Ways in which you can deal with your own pressures and frustrations

Session 8: Leadership & Management Theory

Understand the importance of collaborative management/leadership What is management? What is leadership? Leadership vs Management Identify your dominant team leadership profile Assessing your current leadership style The principles behind effective team leadership

Session 9: Understanding Business

Activity based session allowing you to build a business from scratch. The concept is for you to gauge first hand experience in understanding how a business works whilst putting together a presentation to deliver your concepts and ideas to a panel of people. Your concepts will be marked against each other and you will be given feedback about your ideas, with the ultimate goal of becoming the winning team 

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