Quality of Learning

Quality of  learning for us at Switch Direction is of utmost importance.

How do you ensure that the learning is being implemented back at work?

Attending training usually helps to upskill individuals and/or allow individuals to understand the need for an habitual change. With any type of development we like to help support and nurture relationships with clients and will propose, support or develop a way for the learing experiences delivered to be encapsulated in the workplace.

This could be completed in a number of ways and as decided with you and could be following up the training session with 1-2-1 coaching; allowing your employees time to reflect on learning and giving them time to implement their learning with guidance and support when back at work.

Quality of learning is one of the most important elements of ensuring your people get the most out of their learning experience.

Our mission . . .

 . . . is to place the quality of learning experiences at the forefront of everything we do, whilst growing a successful business. 

Our vision . . .

 . . . is to deliver high-quality, effective training solutions that add tangible value through strong partnerships, fun, effective delivery and innovation. 

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