How can qualifications make my business better?


How can qualifications help?

No matter where in the world you are, qualifications can drive individuals to focus in on their role whilst developing them both professionally and personally.

The programmes focus on classroom, online and assessment sessions with a guiding tutor.

Offering ofqual accredited qualifications allows individuals to work towards standards set out in ofqual qualifications by an Awarding Body, in our case the ATHE. 

How does Assessment work?

Assessment is provided through monthly meetings, either face-to-face, online or over the phone, with a qualified assessor who will guide and validate work set to ours and the ATHEs quality standards.  They will focus on:-   

  • Reviewing work, completed
  • Giving new work to complete
  • Observing what happens at work
  • Questioning why things happen the way they do
  • Discussing how to improve approaches at work

All qualifications are assessed by a qualified assessor and then internally verified.

What's Available for my staff?

Why not give your employees the opportunity to develop and nurture their career within your business.  We can offer Qualifications and Assessment in the UK and around the world.  Summary of Qualifications or on the job qualifications that could help you create the qualifications for President or the next Prime Minister are: -

Level 2 Award in Contact Centre Operations

Level 3 Award in Contact Centre Operations

Level 4 Diploma in Business Operations Management

Level 5 Certificate in Business Operations Management

Please get in touch as we can offer many more not listed through the ATHE.

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