Microsoft Project


This hands-on training course will equip delegates with the skills to use Microsoft Project to help enhance their project management skills and maintain working project documents.


Fundamentals of Project Management

What is Project Management? | What characterises a Project? | Why use Project Management software?

Guidelines for using Microsoft Project

Planning | Managing 

Setting up  a new project

Creating a new project file | Entering Background Information | Setting the Start or End Date | Setting up the 

Working Day | Manual vs Automatic Scheduling | Setting the Default Task Type | Turning on the Project Summary Task | Setting the Date Format and User Name | Currency Format


Project Calendars | Resource Calendars | Task Calendars | Adding Holidays or other non-working days

Adding Tasks to the Project

Manual vs Automatic Scheduling | Task Duration | Task Types

Linking Tasks to show Task Dependencies

Lead and Lag Time | Constraints and Deadlines

Outlining Tasks

Collapsing & Expanding the Outline | Work Breakdown Structures

Critical Path

Displaying the Critical Path in colour | Slack-Time 

Project Views

Gantt Charts | Network Diagram | The Calendar View | Fine-Tuning the Timescale | Changing Column Widths | Timeline View | Adding Tasks to the Timeline

Working with Resources

Resource Pools | Adding Resources to the Resource Sheet |Types of Resource | Resource Availability | Resource Costs | Assigning Resources | Using Multiple Resources on a Single Task | Viewing Resource Assignments | Team Planner View | Resource Usage View | Task Usage View

Resource Levelling

Over-allocated Resources | When and Why Resources should be Levelled | Splitting Task Assignments Option | Viewing the results of Levelling | Levelling Gantt View

Baselines & Interim Plans

Customising the Tracking Gantt Chart | Tracking Progress | Who Will Track Progress? | How to Track Progress

Working with Multiple Projects, Printing & Reports

Overview of master projects | Working with sub-projects in a master project | Printing a View | Page Formatting | Visual Reports | Standard Reports

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