Microsoft Access


This one day course will equip delegates with the skills to design a presentation from scratch and implement Microsoft Access into their working role.  Below is an overview of the topics that are covered.

Course Content

What is a database

What is a relational database (not building one)


The editing keys

Modifying data

Deleting data

Adding new data

Searching for records to modify

Changing the table / query view

Moving columns

Sizing columns

Side reference areas

Changes to fonts and gridlines

Printing table data

Queries and simple related queries

Selecting fields

Filtering records (search criteria)

Creating ad-hoc relationships

Derived fields and the expression builder

Formatting field calculated fields

Printing queries

Basic query types

Select queries

Summary aggregate queries*


Basic columnar reports and using report wizard

Creating custom reports

Adding grand totals

Adding dates and page numbers

Derived field types in reports and field properties*

Grouping and sub totalling*


Using the wizards

Modifying forms*

Using and creating filters in forms

Query by selection

Filter by form

Using data entry forms



Referential integrity



Relational queries

Grouping queries

Text processing functions

Conditional functions (optional)


Modifying forms

Combo boxes and list boxes

Option groups

Putting totals on to forms

Using tabs on forms

Setting tab order

Adding fields onto forms

Sub forms


Grouping reports

Totals and subtotals


Sub reports

Extending form usage

Custom data entry forms

Sub forms and graphs in forms

Using unbound forms and controls

Using aggregate functions in forms and reports

Using advanced functions in forms, reports and queries

Using controls and control properties

Action queries

Update queries

Append queries

Delete queries

Make table queries

Imports, exports and attachments

Mail merge to Word


Each delegate will receive individual feedback and will be asked to complete a personal action plan to identify key changes to implement in MS Access and practice with Office 365.

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