About us

Dan Cocksedge, Owner & Consultant

Dan has a good history working as a Learning and Development Specialist, Consultant and Training & Centre Manager.

During his time he has helped to develop and grow training functions starting initially with Royal Collection Enterprises to most recently working at Call Connection Ltd.  It was here that Dan integrated both performance related and personal development learning through bespoke qualifications and assessment.

He pioneered both the design and development of a series of qualifications that are now nationally endorsed and Ofqual registered allowing employees to work towards qualifications, driving performance and motivating people to do well with their careers.

After facing redundancy in July 2017, when Call Connection Ltd went into administration,  Dan could see that other businesses around the UK and Internationally, may benefit from this approach and started Switch Direction to see this ambition through.

As well as designing qualifications, Dan enjoys delivering courses and watching people develop.  He has a very interactive approach to learning and likes to ensure that his training sessions are engaging, interactive and fun - no matter what the subject is.